Rusty Hook Winery

Your Destination for the best wines in Long Mott Texas

About Us

Our Tradition of Fun, Family and a little bit of Quirky


6 Years Of Warm Welcome...

Since Opening Rusty Hook Winery, We’ve made it our business to treat everyone like family. 

We’re known as “The Fun Winery” for showcasing our Texas roots and sharing our love of wine in a fun atmosphere. Sit back and relax inside or outside, enjoying the sea breeze in the garden under a gazebo, or stay inside with friendly people and a place that feels like you’ve been here before, visiting friends and family. 

What We Offer

Tasting Room

Mobile Wine and Slushie Truck

Find our wine at a store Near you

Dangerously Delicious Slushies

The Tasting Room

Enjoy our selection of small batch wines in the tasting room. 

Hook, Wine, and Drinkers Club

Wine delivered to your door every 3 months

Find Us On the Move

View our upcoming events. You can find us at farmer’s Markets and special events all along the coast of Texas

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

If you want to know more about each of our wines, or more about our winery, Contact US

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