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About Us

How it all began…

Sounds pretty ominous, but we get asked all the time, “What made you decide to start a winery?” I usually say we lost our minds, but we seriously were looking for a way to make a positive contribution to our little county here on the gulf coast. We looked at so many different options but none seemed to fit Steven and my personality, or being in a small community like Long Mott, Texas. It is literally a dot on the road. We needed to find a way to be “THE destination”. Then one day we went out to Lavaca Bluffs Winery and Vineyard in Lolita for some of their famous Sangria and I thought, this looks like fun. I wonder what it would take to start a winery and that is how it all began.

We had a shoestring budget, but we had an old building and a dream to make a difference. We started the process, and it was a long 10 months to get all of our permits in place, chose the wines we started with and remodel the old building that stood so stately beside Hwy 185 on the way to Seadrift.

I found out from Gloria Spencer that the original post office building burned down on Valentine’s evening in 1972 and so Mr Sharp had the old barracks building from Matagorda Island moved onto the site soon after. My family moved to Long Mott in late 1972 and have been here ever since that time.

We are so proud to be a part of the local community and have an opportunity to serve our local friends and those coming into the area for our fabulous fishing and sunshine and fun. We started out with only 5 wines and no idea what we were doing, now we have 17 wines and still aren’t really sure what we are doing, but we have survived hurricane Harvey and a global pandemic so far. Bring it on world, we have the most wonderful and loyal guests, you can’t get us down.

cheri and steve
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