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July is here and so is our NEW addition to our wine line up. We would like to spotlight our NEW Key to the sea wine that has just arrived. Key to the sea is our key lime flavored wine that is crisp, fresh and smooth, it comes across a little tart from a subtle lime flavor. It is a smooth summer sipping wine that is not too sweet. Pairs well with seafood, fish or the pool! Get ready to have booming good time with some key lime!

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(3 Simple Hacks to Chill your Wine Quick)

With Summer temperatures rising here are a few quick and easy wine chilling hacks.

Ice and saltwater in a bucket

This is the most popular and safest solution to chill your wine rapidly. Place your bottle(s) in a metal ice bucket, or even a large stockpot. Space the bottles if you want to cool down multiple wines at the same time.

Fill the bucket with ice until it’s about half way up the bottles. Next, add four tablespoons of salt to one gallon of water, stir and pour the mixture up to the wine bottlenecks, but don’t fully submerge the bottles. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, which can save precious time in getting those wines chilled down to proper serving temps.

*Additional Tip:  Give it a stir. The more the ice water circulates, the quicker that wine will chill.

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Wrap it and freeze it

Popping a bottle in the freezer is the way many wine drinkers chill a bottle down fast, mostly because it works. However, there’s a way to speed this process up.

Grab a few paper towels or cheesecloth and run them under cold water. Wrap the wet towels around your bottle before you place it in the freezer. It will reduce the time it takes to chill the wine.

Just be sure to set a timer for 15 minutes. If you forget and leave the bottle in for too long, you could come back to a bottle with a cork popped out or possibly broken, and certainly one messy freezer.

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On the Rocks

There is also a by-the-glass solution that is arctic rocks, or granite chilling stones. Just pull a few out of your freezer and drop them carefully into your glass. They’ll take the wine temperature down in one minute or less. They also won’t dilute your wine like ice would, or potentially impart outside flavors like the frozen grape method. Once the wine is at your desired temperature, remove the rocks with a spoon. Then, enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of your favorite wine.

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