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June Newletter 2023

Happy first day of JUNE! I would like to take us on a wine journey this month. Spot lighting our Moscato! I Know we have many Moscato drinkers out there!! We are excited to have finally got a batch done, bottled and back on the shelf. Our Moscato has a perfumed aroma with a fruity flavor profile that includes orange, ripe pear and honeysuckle. It is one of our sweeter wines and pairs well with spicy foods and desserts. So, if you are looking for something refreshingly sweet for these summer day’s, make sure and try our Siren Song next time you visit the winery.

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(Ultimate guide for a Moscato)

What Is Moscato Wine?

Moscato wine is produced from Muscat grapes, of which there are 200 varieties grown all around the world. Italy is number one producer of semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Moscato using Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains grapes grown in the Piedmont region. While Moscato typically comes from Italy, you can also find varieties in different regions.

Is Moscato sweet? Quite simply, yes. It’s also light with low alcohol content. This is due to its brief fermentation process, which tends to produce wine with higher levels of sugar and lower amounts of alcohol. Even though we have been told that ours is a little dryer than your typical sweet Moscato.

Moscato wine prices are very affordable, with some of the best Moscato wines costing between $20-$50.

What Are Some Moscato Wine Types?

While you will find you are most familiar with the White Moscato with its amber color and sweet flavor, you can also find both varieties of pink and red. 

A Pink Moscato is primarily composed of Muscat grapes and a bit of Merlot to give it its pink hue. The blend embodies the same characteristics of Moscato white wine with just an added touch of strawberry flavor.

Blending Moscato white with reds such as Syrah or Zinfandel produces a Red Mascoto . This wine retains the signature taste and aroma of Moscato but with added notes of wild cherry, berry, and peach.

What Is The Best Way To Serve Moscato Wine?

Moscato wine is undoubtedly best served chilled to enhance its sweetness and let its fruit and floral flavors shine. White and Pink Moscato should be served at around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, while Red Moscato needs to be only slightly chilled at approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Sparkling Moscato should be served a bit colder at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its light, crisp bubbly deliciousness.

To bring out the best in your Moscato, serve most varieties in a white wine glass, except for Sparkling Moscato, which can be served in a Champagne flute. 

Because Moscato is a sweet wine, you should pair it with foods featuring contrasting flavors to achieve balance. Moscato beautifully complements spicy foods such as curries, barbecue pork, and shrimp, or dishes created with exotic spices such as turmeric, saffron, or ginger. 


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May was such a whirlwind! We had so many amazing markets and event’s that took place! Stay tunned to upcoming event’s so you don’t miss out!!!!

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